Frequently Asked Questions

Questions for us?

What is Partier?

How does it work?

What are your shipping speeds?

I selected a shipping speed that includes "Processing Time." What does that mean?

Are all the designs you offer listed on your site, or could my merch have something completely different?

Do custom designs cost extra?

I’m interested in ordering merch, but can I see my custom design first?

Are design revisions included in my order?

I already have a logo for my event. Can you use it to create my merch?

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Can I order a special piece of merch just for the bride?

Do you create merch for birthdays?

I love my Partier design! Is there anything else you can print it on?

Is there still time to order Partier merch for my party?

When will my Partier merch arrive?

Are there minimum order quantities?

Can I return my Partier merch?

Can I return my ready-to-wear Partier merch?

How do you pronounce Partier?